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Live Review: Megan Thee Stallion w/ GloRilla @ CFG Bank Arena — 5/28/24

Calling all hotties! This is an event you don’t want to miss. The 2024 Hot Girl Summer Tour featuring Megan Thee Stallion and GloRilla recently packed weeks of fun into one electrifying night. Held at the newly renovated CFG Arena, the sold-out show was evident upon arrival with many lines snaking out the door and around the block.

Despite the wait, fans were friendly and shared their excitement with each other. Compliments from strangers were exchanged as most fans were easily identifiable by their provocative, expressive, or cosplay-inspired attire.

AT CFG Bank Arena on May 28, Memphis artist Glorilla kicked off the night in a sparkling black and yellow plaid crop top and baggy pants. Her bold vocabulary and unabashed feelings fired up the crowd, especially when she encouraged everyone to raise their middle fingers during hits like “Yeah Glo” and “FNF.” Her humor and confidence set the tone, making her performance relatable and engaging.

Watch the official music video for “Yeah Glo!” By GloRilla on YouTube:

GloRilla’s set was enhanced by a group of dancers in similar outfits, adding hype and filling the protruding stage with energy. The choreography, true to her style and deeply rooted in Black culture, was relatable and engaging. Even in the crowded venue, many attempted GloRilla’s famous dance referencing Memphis jookin — a testament to the infectious energy and confidence her music inspires, thus setting the perfect stage for the night’s main act, Megan Thee Stallion.

As the anticipation rose eager for the main act, the lights dimmed, and sparks lit up the giant vertical screens. Megan Thee Stallion emerged from the embers, a stunning figure in a silver jumpsuit with big curly hair. Keeping with her snake-themed opening, she performed “Hiss,” and sent the crowd into a frenzy. I could hear the audience around me chanting nearly every lyric. With her anthem “Thot Sh*t,” Megan introduced her dancers, and performed routines showcasing her famous Megan knees. She kept the energy high with upbeat hits like “Freak Nasty” and “Gift & a Curse.”

Watch the official music video for “Freak Nasty” by Megan Thee Stallion on YouTube:

With braggadocious songs known for its messages of body positivity and self confidence, Megan also delved into her struggles with mental health and her rapid rise to fame. The performance of “Cobra” marked a mood shift, as the crowd absorbed the introspective lyrics while a neon red spiral entrapped her, which I believe to symbolize a snake shedding its skin. This visually and emotionally charged moment was highlighted by many fans I’ve chatted with as a standout of the night.

Megan’s next transformation saw her morph into a butterfly, donning a sparkling short pink dress against a backdrop of butterfly visuals. Vibrant and lively, this set featured hits like “Cognac Queen,” “Big Ol Freak,” and her latest single “BOA.” This kept the audience dancing, rapping along, and cheering as Megan strut about. The dancers added extra flair, using towels as props for songs like “Eat It.”

Nearing the end, Megan invited groups of fans (both men and women) on stage to showcase their twerking skills. While this moment felt a bit chaotic and slowed the momentum, it was a joy for the participants, radiating their excitement at sharing the spotlight with their idol. There was no judgment and everyone was encouraged to have fun. This interactive segment was a highlight, reflecting the fun and camaraderie of the night. Closing the show with songs like “Wanna Be,” “WAP” and “Savage” had the crowd fully riled up and energy surged as confetti rained down.

Watch the official music video for “Wanna Be” by GloRilla featuring Megan Thee Stallion on YouTube:

Overall, this tour is a must-see, despite there being a few moments where time could have been better utilized. Particularly during intermissions which left the audience in brief confusion. It’s possible the inclusion of dancers or a live band could fill the gap. Nonetheless, it’s the perfect summer concert with its celebration of self-expression, self-love, and a place to be as bold as you want.

Megan’s energy was contagious, her gleeful smile lighting up the entire set. The genuine love between her and her fans was evident, especially when one fan presented her with a bouquet, which she accepted like a pageant queen. Throughout her 25+ song set, Megan engaged with the audience, taking selfies and interacting without missing a beat, making everyone feel seen, even those without floor seats. The music, while sexual in nature, is empowering and freeing. Megan’s fanbase is diverse, ranging from women and men of all ages. But they find common ground in being happy friendly party-goers creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Megan and GloRilla both showcased excellent performing abilities, engaging the audience with their dynamic personalities. Their breath control and annunciation are commendable, given the fast tempo of their songs. Their energy matched perfectly, and the crowd reciprocated. With a well-known, up-tempo discography, you’re guaranteed a night of unforgettable fun.

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