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Snapshots: Anders Osborne @ Rams Head on Stage — 5/30/24

Anders Osborne has been busy issuing live albums of his performances at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in recent years. Thankfully, residents of Annapolis don’t have to go all the way to New Orleans to catch the Americana guitarist! He makes regular appearance at Rams Head on Stage, where Steve Satzberg recently photographed Anders in performance.

The following article is adapted from a press release. 

In April, Anders also released Picasso’s Villa, his 17th full-length studio album, via 5th Ward/Missing Piece Records. Anders describes the album as “a condensed story about living in America between 2018-2021, the fears, confusion, deep joy, and peace achieved through true friendship, family, community, hours of meditation, and detachment from ego.”

At Rams Head on Stage on May 30, Anders presented new songs including “Returning to My Bones,” “Dark Decatur Love,” and “Bewildered.” He was joined in the concert by harmonica player Jason Ricci. The two men shared some joyful interactions and delighted the audience with their talents.

Regarding the song “Bewildered,” Anders said in a staetment: “Bewildered began as an exercise in historical observation, but it was engaging in a fun way to deep dive into the stories of the past that created instant cultural shifts. All these basic human rights issues have been made into divisive political issues. But at the core of everything is the bewilderment of suffering and the basic human longing for bliss. We are all playing a divine, eternal game with Brahman, this world’s duality prevents good nor bad from prevailing. We are bewildered and beguiled by love and fear.”

Watch the official music video for “Bewildered” by Anders Osborne on YouTube:

Anders recorded the new album in New Orleans, where he lives and performs frequently. In describing the album, press materials say: Sonically, the album captures a balance between the heavy, Crazy Horse-inspired rock present in Osborne’s live shows, while simultaneously leaning into the more contemplative singer-songwriter roots that inspired his music from the very beginning.

“My process is so rough and free form,” Anders said, “but on this record, we managed to capture all that dirt with the right amount of polish on it.”

Anders performs in the DC area with Tab Benoit at The Birchmere on July 18.

Catch Anders Osborne on tour!

Here are some photos of Anders Osborne performing at Rams Head on Stage on May 30, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Steve Satzberg.

Satzberg Photography-JB8A8750
Satzberg Photography-JB8A8767
Satzberg Photography-JB8A8789
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