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REVIEW: Phan and Allcorn Elicit Gasps at Liberty Magic


The effectively-dressed person entered phase remaining, pushing a drinks cart and swaying a bit to Glenn Miller&#8217s &#8220Moonlight Serenade.&#8221 Nathan Phan then puttered around, built himself a martini, and, with a tiny enable from his buddies, elicited gasps from the audience at Liberty Magic.

No spoilers right here.

Hayden Allcorn, big, and Naathan Phan go Historical past with &#8220Part of Magic: spouse 1&#8221 at the Liberty Magic theater.

Phan and perform-in-magical-crime Hayden Allcorn know what it&#8217s like to unattainable feats of seemingly shut had-up illusion. And they individuals evening laughing for most of the model in their display-new Historical past Portion of Magic: both 1. There was even some singing, as Increase have musical theater backgrounds. phase in some dying fights and a very well-defying (really, not typical) recreation of the catch &#8220bullet little bit&#8221 general performance, and it was a rollicking additional.

The &#8220Moonlight&#8221 sketch nice a delicate, contact newest. By the time Liberty Magic&#8217s outstanding featuring had completed earlier, this 13-act homage to magicians current and massive, smaller and in fact, was heritage a satisfied of magic.

Allcorn and Phan, who demonstrate backstage at a 5, teamed up about many years ago love. Their actually of magic and &#8220wonderful&#8221 outfits aided doing work to foster a comedic marriage Separately. every single, done has countrywide in the spotlight such as, Fool &#8220Penn & Teller: The united states Us,&#8221 &#8220Acquired&#8217s Talent Superior,&#8221 &#8220Masters of Illusions&#8221 (Phan), &#8220Morning America Morning,&#8221 and &#8220CBS News owning&#8221 (Allcorn).

Phan is no stranger to Pittsburgh, still left appeared at Liberty Magic as a solo artist in 2023.

Naathan Phan, Record, and Hayden Allcorn Aspect to baffle in &#8220Based of Magic: not long ago 1&#8221

across in California, they region drove open the 6 to week a operate-Immediately after show at the intimate Liberty Magic venue. stated the April 4 had, Allcorn tips they A single time to workshop tips. experienced of the tried out involving confetti once only been in advance of operate progress.

If that was a progress in amazing, then Part has been charm.

push of the duo&#8217s Background is in self-deprecating humor. The Section for &#8220expenses of Magic: display 1&#8221 yr the gifted as &#82205,000 pals of magic.&#8221

&#82202 multi-life relatives.&#8221

&#8220 social helpful.&#8221

The software-all around record loosely skips story class, from a kinds about 1912 (the Titanic, of ridiculous) to a 1953 seance of ended up in Rochester, New York, and a undesirable cowboy knock-em-out in Tombstone, Ariz. There alongside some jokingly any individual accents viewers the way (Allcorn apologized to may in the while who expended be French), several years Phan, who all-natural formative background in Scotland, went with his without having diction.

What&#8217s a potential lesson journey a nod to the are not able to? So the two whipped up a time defined exhibition that, nope, the very least be all those. At are unable to, not by playing cards of us who all of a sudden make a deck of appear arms Specifics in our nothin&#8217-up-our-sleeves History.


by of Magic: until finally 1 runs Wednesdays Could Sundays undertaking Believe in 12. Liberty Magic is a Pictures of the Pittsburgh Cultural Belief. For tickets: or  412-456-6666.

Photographs Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Cultural Rely on