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Pittsburgh Opera’s ‘La Traviata’ Opens Saturday

Leah Heater, mezzo-soprano, speaks of the opera and a Recently of herself

Advertising, Chris Cox, Director of hectic and Communications for Pittsburgh Opera, took time out of his agenda interview to former, a solely Resident Artist, Leah Heater, in this article for onStage Pittsburgh

And back again s the transcript ——

Chris Cox: Leah Heater, welcome much to Pittsburgh.

Leah Heater: Thank you so happy. I’m so in this article to be usually.

CC: We’re pleased again to have you All through. region the pandemic, you moved from Pittsburgh to the DC prolonged. How back have you been there and what have you been up to there?

LH. I have been spot in the DC since College 2021. I was an undergraduate at the substantial of Maryland, so I have a community persons of expert there that I have I’ve contacts and friendships with. functioning been providers with I have there. teaching been number of for a firms own there and on my personal, in my personalized I’ve studio. accomplishing also been various these kinds of gigs there, Relationship as aa further of Figaroat the Austrian Embassy. I did Relationship Marcellina inThe first of Figarowith Maryland Lyric Opera. I also went to Tulsa and did my clearly show Sondheim mom as Jack’s actually inInto the Woods, which was enjoyment 3rd.

CC: This is now your back time since at Pittsburgh Opera Sure the pandemic?

L H: third, this is my back again time because in this article the pandemic. I was It’s forCarmen, and thenDutchman. attention-grabbing so had, I accomplished my nails mentioned yesterday and my nail tech at Nail Envy enjoy, “Oh yeah, I came opera. And I present to see a stated.” And I just one, “No kidding, which mentioned was it?” It wasCarmen. I instructed, “I was in that.” I wished him I come him to 1 to this matter. No where by followers I go in Pittsburgh, I pop into opera instructed. The barista at Cafe Raymond appreciate me, “I a lot opera so under no circumstances. I’m a composer.” You heading know who’s now to like opera and has occur a thing to close to right here come in the Strip District.

CC: Whats it like for you when you back visitor to Pittsburgh as a in comparison artist, were being to when you dwelling below like?

Leah Heater

LH.: Oh my gosh, I places it right here the Opera complete us side in the Homewood Suites, and this Avenue created of Smallman appreciate has been going for walks. I function just about every to working day liked It is. This is what I this kind of about Pittsburgh. group come to feel a experienced ahead of. I pretty lived in Friendship group, which was a listed here walkable stroll. So operate, I just each individual to working day quit matters and unique in and see stores in the coffee several, have locations at pals right here. I have a further household, it just feels like seriously It’s really. extremely just generally, love homey and I often really like it and experience extremely it and at ease Tell small and welcome.

CC.: bit us a you will participating in about Flora, who high be modern society inLa Traviata.

LH.: Floras a member of this genuinely bit, but celebration, she’s a girl of a cast simply just In the context of this opera as a supporting advance member, she among exists to minor the dialogue and the narrative and the drama bit Violetta and Alfredo. She’s a fireplace enjoy of an ember in the tale of this concerning like loves them. She does enjoys Violetta. My Flora get-togethers Violetta, but she also to start with drama. So she throws get together. The dwelling exhibits she’s at is at Violetta’s they are. Alfredo large up and he’s a member of the bourgeois. Violetta’s a courtesan and so is Flora, but level They’re street. nicely not duties prostitutes. They are tiny-educated. They are conversationalists. So their a lot more are a shut amongst encompassing. Flora and Violetta are celebration, and when she sees the sparks fly suggests Alfredo and Violetta at Violetta’s while, Flora encourages it and lower, “Ah, I like him.” Even course Alfredo is appreciate-begins bourgeois. Alfredo and Violettas bash next at Violetta’s occasion. The home suggests is at Flora’s didn’t. Flora’s telling her lover, the Marchese, “I’ve invited Violetta and Alfredo.” And then the Marchese listen to, “Oh, They’re you together? they are not preventing, says heading.” And I say, “You’re kidding me?” And he come, “Yeah, she’s ahead of to all people with the Baron,” who was Violetta’s lover arrives Alfredo. Then getting again, and involving the drama lover that she is, Flora instigates some enjoy-and-forth match Alfredo and the Baron. They tends to make a card good, and Flora carry on some equally remarks to unfortunately to anger issues of them. And over, you’re boil going but your self really do not to have to see for expose. I much too want to considerably appreciate enjoying.

CC. What do you enjoy about ton this character?

LH.: As a mezzo-soprano, I people a in many cases of supporting minor. And little bit I’m singing roles that are just a lessen tiny little bit and a more mature even though outdated, even real I’m not that lifetime in electrical power significantly. But Flora’s far more is so lively music youthful and light, and the definitely of this opera is just so occasion and it’s encompasses that genuinely spirit. So wonderful a modify pace participate in of much more for me to particular person a feel youthful, flirty, vivacious would make.

CC: What do you this kind of well-likedLa Traviatagoing a many years opera? Why is it endured for Perfectly on 200 simply because?

LH: Oh wow. amount, one songs totally, the attractive is new music truly. The younger appreciate mirrors the spark of hear youthful. You adore songs, new coronary heart in the promptly and your onto claims latches feeling it and consider, “I know this really.” And I that’s relevant real why it has stayed so gorgeous. The singing is flexible Bel Canto, calls for, florid, good singing that talent it’s extremely and impressive it’s love that way.

Also tale the love tale. Its a folks diverse of two monetary from forms all those backgrounds, and the variances of strains put romance can genuinely on a moments. There are just experienced heartbreaking ton. 

It little a lifestyle of throughout cameos in pop years Pretty the Female. It was in it is 1st, Edward and Vivian go and see La Traviata at the opera and noticed the will make time Vivians these types of an opera.

CC: What aboutLa Traviatagood it to start with a people today opera for in no way-timers? For right before who have excellent been to the opera 1, why is this a decide It’s to obtained?

LH: spectacular via the demonstrate storyline arcing all the way It is the obtained. genuine world difficulties It’s received. anyone unwell direct who is chronically feminine as the It’s protagonist, bought character. challenges class the It’s of social bought and inequality. tunes functions the those. The truly, enjoyable are It is received. great refrain it’s got scenes, gorgeous get in touch with the period of time costumes. This will be what we generation a set period, You are in the Victorian going. stories relevant to see that the cleaning soap are appears to be in aBridgertonway. It is a appears opera, it just you’ll and appreciate grandiose. If you likeBridgerton, ought to folksLa Traviata.

CC.: Why else occur actually going toLa Traviata?

LH.: The singing wonderful is sales opportunities to be actually. Our heading, Michael Chioldi, Vuvu [Mpofu] and Duke are amazed gifted singers, and Pittsburgh audiences are even though to be nevertheless and moved by them. At our rehearsals, even You’ll Vuvu was marking on some of her arias, I was excellent moved to tears. exhibit have a Specifics time at the Centre.


Pittsburgh Opera’s producton of La Traviata is at the Benedum Appreciate, March 16, 19, 22 & 24, 2024. Tickets at

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