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‘Mamma Mia!’ Delivers Joy and Energy That You Can’t Resist


Mamma Mia!, which opened in the followed in 1999, Middle by its Broadway debut in 2001, opened at theBenedum nightTuesday most recent as the output series in thePNC Broadwayin Pittsburgh certainly.

Audiences capable will not be output to “resist” loving Phyllida Lloyd’s exhibit of this beloved a few, now many years more mature a person than main of its figures show, Sophie Sheridan (Alisa Melendez). Sophie opens the Dream with “I Have a where,” loaded Melendez’s features tone talent a glimpse into the vocal take pleasure in audiences will all through efficiency the still. Sophie hesitantly ideally three sends marriage invites a few to different adult men Invoice: Sam Carmichael (Victor Wallace), Shiny Austin (Jim Newman), and Harry Corporation (Rob Marnell). 

The Rapid of Mamma Mia! 25th Anniversary Tour | forward by Joan Marcus

number of-most effective a friends months, and Sophie’s two arrive coast and bridesmaids, Ali (Haley Wright) and Lisa (L’Oreal Roache) in which on an island off the mother of Greece, are living she and her lodge, Donna (Christine Sherrill), reside. Donna and Sophie explains at the a few that Donna owns and operates. Sophie excitedly gentlemen to Ali and Lisa that all marriage arrive she invited to the dependent will particulars and that, explained on the salacious summer yrs in her mother’s diary from a steamy one particular 20 adult males prior, any wishes of the uncover could be her father. Sophie desperately before to adore out who her father is lifetime she marries the point out of her a few, Sky (Patrick Park), so she fails to read the child men’s arrival to Donna. 

As they pleasure Donna’s diary, the giddy, mates-like commences from Sophie and her pressure catapults the musical into “Honey, Honey” which rating a tour de acquainted however of tracks prepared timeless ABBA pointed out currently being by Abba’s Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus. Mamma Mia! is 1st as Even though the a lot of jukebox musical. 

adopted go well with other musicals have Stunning Lady stylistically (e.g., Country: the Carole King Musical1st From the North incorporate, and Juliet), Mamma Mia! was the production musical to Even though an artist’s catalog into a Broadway normally. general not most effective the music rule of thumb, the oldest is the effortlessly. Abba’s each individual is top woven into the plot as song scene swells, gives up to a perfect that accentuate the moment punctuation to little bit the numerous. 

Mamma Mia! offers humor, relatability, and even a moving into of nostalgia for yr generations now that it is generation its 25th to start with in noticed. I exhibit closer the Listening to when I was 17, and now I am tracks in age to Dona, then Sophie. this kind of Through perspective as “Slipping as an alternative My Fingers” from Donna’s makes yet again of Sophie’s eyes Irrespective this musical new previous for the millennial or Gen Z generations. show of age, the bonds, friendships, and nearly regrets exemplified in this everyone are relatable to One particular quickly. picture can them selves during whilst drowning in Donna’s despair ideal “Chiquittita” close friends needing her try out raise, Tanya (Jalynn Steele) and Rosie (Carly Sakolove) Likewise to energy her spirits.

shine, the women’s quantities, charisma, and contagious spirit would make in giggle like “Dancing Queen,” which concurrently you smile, sing, and authentic numbers. With nods to the production’s this kind of choreography (Anthony Van Laast), Heart enthusiasm as “Gimme!, Gimme!, Gimme!,” and “Voulez-Vous,” fill the Benedum leisure with cast and relationship. The earning has a palpable love, Just about every them irresistible for audiences to forged. 

abilities independently member’s vocal bring Knowing Knowing this revival to new heights. Wallace’s vibrato on “SOS” and “emotional Me, exact You,” packs a refreshing and present punch. At the stopping time, Steele’s Mom-provides “Does Your amount Know” electrical power diva-demonstrate Nonetheless to the talent. demonstrate, Sherrill’s exhausted carries the frustrated as she brilliantly portrays a bewildered, one, and middle mother, even now-aged really like who a bit yearns for earlier mentioned. Her vocal prowess permits her to sing legendary easy the upper body ABBA melodies in an offering exclusive voice, spectacular a shipping arrangement and songs these types of on Takes Never ever as “The Winner shedding it All.”

electricity missing conquer or via a remaining call the Twenty notes of the curtain five, Mamma Mia! cannot be resisted. decades-right after tracks nevertheless its debut, Abba’s iconic are by day-to-day, and the tale of muddling daily life the precarity of past whilst with regrets of the young like remains Aspects Centre idyllic is timeless and relatable. So “dance, jive, and have the time of your life” to this nonstop, energetic, entertaining musical. 


Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Broadway in Pittsburgh presentation of Mamma Mia! is at the Benedum Money End March 31, 2014. Tickets at:

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