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Live Review: T-Pain w/ La Russell, Nando STL, Young Ca$h, Slick 305 @ SERVPRO Pavilion (Doswell, VA) — 6/13/24

Hip-hop legend T-Pain and the members of Nappy Boy Records recently brought the party to Virginia with the sold-out Mansion in Wiscansin Tour!

From the start on June 13, Celebrity DJ Slick 305 opened up with some upbeat mixes, getting the audience dancing and their blood flowing. His infectious energy set the perfect tone for the night at SERVPRO Pavilion in Roswell, Virginia.

Joining Slick was Young Ca$h, who jumped straight into his hits, including some upcoming music like “Shot Check.” The crowd was up and dancing as Young Ca$h delivered high-energy performances. He made the night extra special by bringing out one of his friends to mingle and energize the crowd even more.

Watch Young Ca$h preview “Shot Check” at Wiscansin Fest on YouTube:

Next came Nando STL, who continued to elevate the tour. He added impressive graphics and background vocals to his set, showcasing his passion and talent. His vocals sounded amazing throughout, and he brought out a friend who further amplified the energy in the venue.

La Russell followed, setting the stage on fire with his performance. He played a lot of his fan favorites and even took a couple of song suggestions from the crowd, showing his dedication to fan satisfaction. La Russell delivered his lyrics with such passion that it was evident to everyone in the venue. At one point, he jumped down from the stage to perform among the crowd, which was a very special moment that engaged the audience even more. He ended his set by bringing a couple of fans on stage and letting them perform a song, creating a memorable and personal experience.

Finally, with all the hype and anticipation built up, T-Pain took the stage in his iconic top hat and suit. He performed all night, playing hits like “Blame It,” “Low,” and “Buy U a Drank.” His setlist of fan favorites made the show feel like a huge party. The stage design featured massive LEDs that amplified the stage presence. Between songs, T-Pain took time to share his thoughts with the crowd, providing hilarious and entertaining clips. He closed out the night by performing some collaborative songs with Nando STL and Young Ca$h, leaving the audience with unforgettable memories.

Watch the official music video for “Buy You a Drank” by T-Pain featuring Yung Joc on YouTube:

T-Pain’s Mansion in Wiscansin Tour stop in Virginia was a night to remember. From DJ Slick 305’s electrifying mixes to Young Ca$h’s high-energy hits, Nando STL’s passionate performance, and La Russell’s crowd-engaging set, every act brought something unique and special to the stage. T-Pain’s headlining performance was the perfect finale, turning the concert into an epic celebration of music and talent. Fans left the venue buzzing with having experienced a show that was truly one for the books.

Here are some photos of T-Pain performing at SERVPRO Pavilion on June 13, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Thomas Sellers. (Keep scrolling for the opening crew!)

Image 6-15-24 at 1.05 PM
Image 6-15-24 at 1.10 PM
Image 6-15-24 at 1.13 PM
Image 6-15-24 at 1.16 PM
Image 6-15-24 at 12.21 PM
Image 6-15-24 at 12.31 PM (1)
Image 6-15-24 at 12.35 PM
Image 6-15-24 at 12.42 PM
Image 6-15-24 at 12.45 PM
Image 6-15-24 at 12.56 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 1.09 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 1.21 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 1.33 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 1.35 PM

Here are some photos of La Russell opening T-Pain at SERVPRO Pavilion on June 13, 2024.

Image 6-15-24 at 11.33 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 11.37 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 11.52 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 11.56 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 12.02 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 1.00 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.46 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.49 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.52 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.58 PM

Here are some photos of Nando STL opening T-Pain at SERVPRO Pavilion on June 13, 2024.

Image 6-15-24 at 11.09 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 11.15 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 11.18 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 11.24 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 11.27 AM
Image 6-17-24 at 1.42 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.33 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.34 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.37 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.38 PM

Here are some photos of Young Ca$h opening T-Pain at SERVPRO Pavilion on June 13, 2024.

Image 6-15-24 at 8.55 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 8.58 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 10.21 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 10.24 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 10.42 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 10.53 AM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.15 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.16 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.20 PM

And here are some photos of Slick 305 opening T-Pain at SERVPRO Pavilion on June 13, 2024.

Image 6-15-24 at 8.17 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 8.22 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 10.36 AM
Image 6-15-24 at 10.40 AM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.27 PM
Image 6-17-24 at 12.40 PM