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Live Review: Lizzy McAlpine @ The Anthem — 6/12/24

Lizzy McAlpine needs no introduction, literally. 

The singer recently singer played her second show of her sold-out double header at The Anthem. For The Older Tour, promoting her album of the same name, McAlpine made some adjustments since her last tour, including no opener. 

Like many Generation-Z artists, she began her career by sharing her music on social media platforms, particularly Instagram and YouTube. Her acoustic performances and original songs gained attention for their authentic lyrics. 

This authenticity has resonated  strongly with her listeners — evident by the countless fans teary eyed in the audience and singing along at The Anthem on June 12.

What puts this tour aside from her previous ones is the laid-back approach to the stage and visual presentation. Lizzy sat for the entire duration of the evening, and the stage had several personal touches to feel like a lived-in room more than a venue. This included carpets, doors, couches and lamps. 

On Twitter weeks prior, Lizzy shared this was supposed to look like the studio the record was recorded in. The room may have been packed, but this performance was intentionally intimate. She is also touring with her entire band that helped craft the record. 

The band walked out first, to prerecorded bird chirping and sounds of wind that made you question if you were at the buzzing Anthem or a quiet park. After making her entrance walking through the door to the “studio,” she opened with “The Elevator,” “Come Down Soon,” and  “Like it Tends to Do” and made her through the entire tracklist of Older

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Lizzy shared several personal stories about the making of the record. McAlpine’s third studio album brought her into the spotlight stronger than before, with lyrics that she explained on stage are some of her most raw and vulnerable yet. When playing the title track, “Older,” she shared that it almost didn’t exist, and was the last track written and added entirely.  Now, it is an anthem for her fanbase.  

She also told the audience that touring previously was not an easy experience for her, but that this new era felt different. Deliberate decisions about her schedule and behind the scenes details were put in place to make the experience better for McAlpine, who as a result could put on an exciting and fun show for her fans with feelings that felt mutual to her. 

Lizzy also played favorites, including three songs from her prior record five seconds flat and the tour debut of “called you again” as the first of two encore songs. For ticket holders for both shows at The Anthem, this was a different encore than the one they had heard the night before. 

She closed the night with “ceilings,” her most streamed song. Though it had its viral moment on social media years prior, hearing it live was unique and not the same experience as it is through a phone.

Here are some photos of Lizzy McAlpine playing live. Photos by Deanie Chen.