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Live Review: Keyshia Cole w/ Trey Songz, Jaheim, K. Michelle @ EagleBank Arena — 6/23/24

Keyshia Cole, the Princess of Hip-Hop Soul, recently ended her Love Hard Tour in Fairfax, Virginia, at the EagleBank Arena, delivering an unforgettable night of music and talent.

At EagleBank Arena on June 23, the evening began with the talented K. Michelle, who immediately captivated the audience with her incredible vocals. She performed her well-known hits like “Mindful” and “Pay My Bills.” The stage design was classy, featuring fantastic lighting and a giant LED screen that enhanced the visuals. Accompanied by her dancers, K. Michelle’s choreography added to the overall performance, setting a high standard for the night.

Next to hit the stage was Jaheim, a classic R&B singer whose vocals were just as stellar. His elegant and upbeat choreography created a strong presence on stage. He performed many songs, including the fan favorite “Put That Woman First.” Jaheim made his set special by throwing roses into the crowd, adding a personal touch that delighted the audience.

Watch the official music video for “Put That Woman First” by Jaheim on YouTube:

The anticipation peaked when Trey Songz, one of the night’s most awaited artists, took the stage. The crowd was on their feet from the moment he started his hour-long set. Trey’s vocals were impeccable, and he performed hits like “Bottoms Up” and “Na Na Na,” which had the crowd singing along. Accompanied by his band and DJ, the live instrumentation added an epic ambiance to the arena. As a Virginia native, Trey Songz gave his all, creating a memorable experience for his fans.

Finally, the headliner Keyshia Cole took the stage with an energetic entrance. Surrounded by a group of dancers, her set was lively and fun. Her vocals were flawless as she performed back-to-back hits like “Let It Go” and “I Should’ve Cheated.” Her classy attire and frequent outfit changes showed the effort she put into her performance. For the grand finale, she ended with her trending song “Love,” which had everyone on their feet, singing their hearts out. It was an iconic moment that perfectly capped off the night.

Watch the official music video for “Love” by Keyshia Cole on YouTube:

In conclusion, Keyshia Cole’s Love Hard Tour finale in Fairfax was a spectacular event. From K. Michelle’s powerful opening to Jaheim’s elegant performance, Trey Songz’s high-energy set, and Keyshia Cole’s unforgettable finale, the night was filled with exceptional talent and memorable moments. The tour’s last show left the audience with lasting impressions, celebrating the essence of R&B and hip-hop soul.

Here are some photos of Keyshia Cole performing at EagleBank Arena on June 23, 2024. (Keep scrolling for pix of her openers!) All pictures copyright and courtesy of Thomas Sellers IV.

Image 6-24-24 at 9.47 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.00 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.02 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.14 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.16 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.20 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.25 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.28 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.30 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.34 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.37 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 10.47 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 1.23 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 2.06 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 2.10 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 2.12 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 2.14 PM

Here are some photos of Trey Songz opening Keyshia Cole!

Image 6-24-24 at 7.23 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 7.31 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 7.49 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 8.07 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 8.13 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 8.20 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 8.58 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 9.13 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 1.26 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 1.33 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 1.40 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 2.03 PM

Here are some photos of Jaheim opening Keyshia Cole!

Image 6-24-24 at 6.47 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 6.50 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 6.59 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 7.14 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 1.13 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 1.34 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 1.38 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 1.46 PM

Here are some photos of K. Michelle opening Keyshia Cole!

Image 6-24-24 at 4.52 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 5.21 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 5.38 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 5.45 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 6.11 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 6.22 PM
Image 6-24-24 at 7.06 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 1.08 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 1.20 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 12.51 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 12.53 PM
Image 6-27-24 at 12.59 PM