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Live Review: Judas Priest @ MGM National Harbor — 5/19/24

Judas Priest concerts are legendary for their high-octane energy, blistering guitar solos, and Rob Halford’s unmistakable vocals — which can still send shivers down your spine.

From the moment the lights recently dimmed and the crowd roared to life at the MGM National Harbor Theater, you could feel the electricity in the air.

Halford, dubbed the “Metal God,” commanded the MGM National Harbor Theatre stage with his imposing presence and incredible vocal range, effortlessly hitting those iconic high notes that have become synonymous with Judas Priest’s sound. Amazingly, the 72 year old singer has lost little, if any, of his range and power.

Throughout the night on May 19, guitarists Andy Sneap and Richie Faulkner unleashed a massive barrage of riffs and wild solos that electrified the crowd on Priest classics like “Love Bites” and “Devil’s Child” as well as newer songs like “Panic Attack” and the title track of their latest album, “Invincible Shield.”

Watch the official music video for “Invincible Shield” by Judas Priest on YouTube:

Long time bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis provided a solid rhythmic foundation that drove the music forward with relentless force all night long for this stop on Judas Priest Invincible Shield Tour 2024.

The opening chords of “Crown of Horns” sent fans into a frenzy, and showed this new song fits in comfortably with Judas Priest’s heavy metal discography.

The setlist for the evening spanned Priest’s extensive career, mixing classic hits like “Breaking the Law,” and “Painkiller” with deeper cuts like “Lightning Strike” and “Saints in Hell” and their newer material.

Each song was delivered with precision and power, as well as showcasing the band’s mastery of metal music. Judas Priest fans have come to expect no less.

In the end, a Judas Priest concert is more than just a performance — it’s an experience that reaffirms why this band remains an enduring icon of heavy metal after more than four decades.


1. Panic Attack
2. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
3. Rapid Fire
4. Breaking the Law
5. Lightning Strike
6. Love Bites
7. Devil’s Child
8. Saints in Hell
9. Crown of Horns
10. Sinner
11. Turbo Lover
12. Invincible Shield
13. Victim of Changes
14. The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)
15. Painkiller

16. The Hellion/Electric Eye
17. Hell Bent for Leather
18. Living After Midnight

Here are some photos of Judas Priest performing at MGM National Harbor on May 19, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Michael Sprouse.

Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band002
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band003
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band004
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band005
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band006
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band007
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band008
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band009
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band010
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band011
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band012
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band013
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Rob013
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band014
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band015
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band017
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band018
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band019
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band020
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band021
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band022
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band023
Judas Priest- 5-19-2024 - Band024