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Live Review: Joyner Lucas w/ Grafh and Dax @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 5/22/24

After the successful release of his album Not Now I’m Busy, Joyner Lucas recently brought his highly anticipated tour to the DMV area, delivering an unforgettable performance at The Fillmore Silver Spring.

At The Fillmore Silver Spring on May 22, the night kicked off with Grafh, whose heavy trap and grime style pumped up the crowd and set the stage for an energetic evening. Grafh’s massive stage presence and engaging performance left a strong impression on the DMV audience, getting everyone hyped for what was to come.

Following Grafh, rising music and YouTube star Dax took the stage, bringing a contagious energy that electrified the venue. He performed hits like “Dear Alcohol” and “Dear God,” creating emotional and special moments with the crowd. His raw and heartfelt lyrics resonated deeply with the audience, making his set both powerful and memorable. Dax also treated fans to some unreleased songs, adding an element of surprise and excitement to his performance. His ability to connect with the crowd was evident, and his energy was truly infectious.

Watch the official music video for “Dear Alcohol” by Dax featuring Elle King on YouTube:

The main event began with Joyner Lucas presenting a comedic intro short film, setting the tone for his performance and maintaining the theme of his tour. The stage design featured a beautifully modern bedroom, adding a unique visual element to the show that enhanced the overall experience. Joyner delivered an incredible performance, seamlessly blending new hits like “Put Me On” and “Broski” with older favorites like “Isis.” His stage presence was commanding, and the crowd was fully engaged from start to finish.

Watch the official music video for “Broski” by Joyner Lucas on YouTube:

One of the most memorable moments of the night was when Joyner jumped down from the stage to perform among his fans, creating an intimate and electrifying atmosphere. This rare move showcased his dedication to his fans and made the concert even more special. Joyner’s skill as a performer was evident throughout the night, as he effortlessly commanded the stage and captivated the audience.

In conclusion, Joyner Lucas’ Not Now I’m Busy Tour was a resounding success. From Grafh’s hardcore energy to Dax’s emotional and powerful performance, and culminating in Joyner’s masterful set, the night was an extraordinary showcase of talent and authenticity. Each act brought something unique to the table, making the concert a well-rounded and exhilarating experience. This is definitely a show you don’t want to miss.

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Here are some photos of Grafh performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on May 22, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Thomas Sellers IV.

Image 5-23-24 at 1.30 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 12.37 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 12.48 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 12.52 PM (1)
Image 5-23-24 at 12.52 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 12.59 PM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.18 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.20 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.21 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.23 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.26 AM

Here are some photos of Dax performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on May 22, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Thomas Sellers IV.

Image 5-23-24 at 1.46 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 1.50 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 1.52 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 1.54 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 1.59 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 2.03 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 2.04 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 2.08 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 2.12 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 2.15 PM
Image 5-24-24 at 7.57 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.01 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.06 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.07 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.09 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.12 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.13 AM

And here are some photos of Joyner Lucas performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on May 22, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Thomas Sellers IV.

Image 5-23-24 at 2.45 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 2.48 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 2.52 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.02 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.04 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.06 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.13 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.15 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.30 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.42 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.44 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.45 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.46 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.52 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 3.54 PM
Image 5-23-24 at 4.22 PM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.36 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.39 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.41 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.43 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.44 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.46 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.48 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.50 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.53 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.56 AM
Image 5-24-24 at 8.58 AM