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Live Review: Hans Williams w/ Virginia Man @ DC9 — 4/23/24

Hans Williams recently brought his tour to DC9 nightclub following the release of his new EP More Than One Way Home, and the anticipation was obvious as fans eagerly awaited his performance. Coming all the way from New Orleans (via Vermont), Williams drew a sold-out crowd, setting the stage for a special evening.

At DC9 on April 23, the excitement kicked off with the opening act, Virginia Man, a band native to Virginia. With their contagious energy and dynamic stage presence, Virginia Man did more than just warm up the crowd — they ignited it. From their well-known tracks to special unreleased songs from their upcoming album, the band took the audience on a journey through their diverse catalog, eliciting a range of emotions from the crowd. Drummer Jamaal Farrow’s skillful rhythm, Stephen Amoruso’s bass-driven energy, and Kristian Lietzan’s captivating vocals created an atmosphere that felt like home for everyone in attendance.

Watch Virginia Man perform “Come Back to Me” for The In-Between Sessions on YouTube:

After Hans Williams hit the stage and kicked things off with his crowd-pleasing hits, the vibe was electric. The crowd was loving it, singing along and soaking up the good vibes. And there was definitely some romance in the air. Couples were swaying together to the music, adding a sweet touch to the energetic atmosphere.

Backing Williams, the band delivered a stellar performance, with each member contributing their own unique talents. Isaac Worley’s drumming provided a solid foundation, while Elliot Miller’s heartfelt bass lines added depth to the music. Joe Pizzicato’s guitar added a vibrant energy, complemented by the soulful tones of Richard Rourke on the keys. And with Hans Williams’ vocals bringing it all together, the band created a captivating synergy that resonated throughout the venue.

Watch the official music video for “Willows” by Hans Williams on YouTube:

In summary, Hans Williams’ EP tour at the DC9 Club was a resounding success. From the high-energy performances by Virginia Man to Hans Williams’ captivating set, the night was filled with memorable moments and exceptional music. The romantic ambiance added an extra dimension to the evening, enhancing the overall experience for everyone in attendance. It was a night of great music, lively energy, and lasting memories that left a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to be there.

Here are some photos of Hans Williams performing at DC9 on April 23, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Thomas Sellers IV. 

Image 4-27-24 at 8.51 PM
Image 4-27-24 at 8.53 PM
Image 4-27-24 at 8.58 PM
Image 4-27-24 at 9.03 PM
Image 4-27-24 at 9.05 PM
Image 4-27-24 at 9.06 PM
Image 4-27-24 at 9.10 PM
Image 4-27-24 at 9.15 PM

Here are some photos of Virginia Man opening Hans Williams at DC9 on April 23, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Thomas Sellers IV. 

Image 4-27-24 at 8.50 PM
Image 4-27-24 at 8.56 PM