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Live Review: G Flip w/ Florrie @ 9:30 Club — 6/5/24

Australian percussionist G Flip hoped to make fans of those unfamiliar with them attending a recent sold-out show at 9:30 Club.

Her goal: To have new listeners turn to their friends and say, “Y’know what? G Flip is fucking all right.”

Judging from the enthusiastic and even boisterous response to the following dynamic performance at 9:30 Club, I would say G Flip exceeded their goals: The audience roared for more and more from the multi-faceted artist.

Now, I called G Flip a percussionist, but Georgia Claire Flipo (aka G Flip) quickly grew beyond her drums and into a skilled multi-instrumentalist. And at 9:30 Club on June 5, G Flip opened her show with a thrilling drum solo, soon sat at keyboards, and later picked up a guitar to kick an action-packed show into high gear.

Across a 17-song set, G Flip spotlighted their appropriately named album Drummer, their second full-length studio album, which was released in August 2023. It went to No. 1 on the Australian charts!

G Flip almost immediately embarked on their first-ever USA headlining tour after the release of Drummer, and they visited The Atlantis in DC back in October to stir up some excitement. It’s more than impressive then that G Flip returned on their continuing USA tour for a 9:30 Club show only eight months later to sell out the iconic venue.

Drawing from Drummer, G Flip performed standout songs “Didn’t Mean To” early in the show, “7 Days” in the middle, and “The Worst Person Alive” in the concert’s encore.

Watch the official music video for “The Worst Person Alive” by G Flip on YouTube:

G Flip also played a few selections from their 2019 debut album, About Us, including “Lover” in the middle of the show and “Drink Too Much” toward the end. The free-spirited “Drink Too Much” lyrically is a song of regret, but G Flip had a great deal of fun singing it as she bounded across the stage. They followed that with 2022 single “Gay 4 Me” to close the main set.

“Omigod you guys are so sweet!” G Flip told the madly cheering audience before closing the set. But the happy crowd was simply reacting to the upbeat and energetic performer themselves! The applause was well-deserved. In their encore, G Flip surprised with a chill yet funky cover of “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift.

G Flip made it a drum-centric night by inviting British percussionist Florrie along to open the show. Now, Florrie also has grown beyond her drum kit to flourish as a producer and multi-instrumentalist as well as an alluring singer. Long known for her work as part of English production team Xenomania, Florrie (born Florence Arnold) releases her debut full-length solo album, The Lost Ones, this Friday via BMG.

Opening G Flip, Florrie and her band performed a robust 13-song set that drew from The Lost Ones as well as compilation album Personal, which collects many of her previously released singles. Like G Flip, Florrie began her set from behind her drumkit, and she sang “The Lost Ones” title track while keeping the beat.

Watch the official music video for “The Lost Ones” by Florrie on YouTube:

After starting from her drum kit, Florrie moved to front and center stage where she deftly played guitar and continued to charm. She played several of her singles from the past several years, including “Borderline” (no relation to the Madonna song) and “Little White Lies,” singing with an R&B-infused lilt over electronic melodies.

Florrie’s music was smart and sophisticated, but she also rocked out and snarled for emphasis when she sang a determined lyric.

This drum-centric evening featured two performers that are kicking some ass and moving up in the world! G Flip undoubtedly will pack them into really big venues like The Anthem some day soon, and Florrie surely will headline her own 9:30 Club show not long from now. Catch them both when you can!

Here are some photos of G Flip performing at 9:30 Club on June 5, 2024!



Here are some photos of Florrie opening G Flip at 9:30 Club on June 5.