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Liberty Magic’s 2024/25 Season Announced

Liberty Magic’s tradition of elevating the art of magic continues with a brand-new sixth season featuring eight world-renowned magicians.

The intimate 66-seat speakeasy theater offers a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience by hosting magicians year-round to perform in the From funny moments to dark and off-kilter magic to record-breaking and revolutionary sleight of hand, each magician offers a new experience.

Liberty Magic’s 2024/25 Season 

Miguel Muñoz in What is Magic for You? | October 2 – November 3, 2024

Miguel Muñoz, World Champion of Magic, brings an intimate and magical show where the surprise, the impossible, the poetry, and the absurd will always be present. We enter the magical world of Miguel Muñoz to get closer to the answer to this question: What is magic for you?

Nick Diffatte in Offbeat: A Comedy Magic Show | November 6 – December 1, 2024

Nick Diffatte’s “Offbeat” is a playful, provocative, and hilarious approach to the magic show format. It features incredible moments of wonder, impossible juggling stunts and guffaw-inducing comedic scenarios. With one of the world’s most in-demand variety acts at the helm, this 70-minute show breaks all social norms, leaving the audience feeling closer to a room full of strangers than they would have ever expected. 

Luis Carreon in La Bestia  | December 4 – January 5, 2025

What You See Is Not Always What You Get! Beneath Luis Carreon’s suave and debonair exterior lies La Bestia (The Beast)–a magician of unparalleled skill with a mischievous sense of humor. In his one-person show, Luis combines his jaw-dropping magical skills, his Latin heritage, and off-the-wall comedy to share his real-life experiences, poking fun at stereotypes, cultural differences, and himself.

Francis Menotti in Sisyphus & Siri | January 8 – February 2, 2025

Darkly funny and mind-boggling, Sisyphus and Siri is a play swallowed by a magic show. It follows the whimsical journey of magician and creator Francis Menotti as he comically and mysteriously comes to terms with his inevitable demise while presenting his (supposedly) final performance. The even-tempered digital voice of Siri hosts the evening, interacting with the audience and even performing a magical interlude mid-show. The show builds from light-hearted amusement to thrilling chaos until the final curtain, which looks awfully like the beginning.

Kalin & Jinger in Real Magic  | February 5 – March 2, 2025

Join ‘Magicians of the Year’ Kalin and Jinger at Liberty Magic as they present a night of Wonders. Not just a magic show, an astonishing, breathtaking evening of amazements, sleight of hand and laughter for the whole family. It’s a fast-moving combination of visual treats designed to surprise and astonish—experienced in an intimate setting just inches away from the magic. 

Ben Seidman in Good Charlatan | March 5 – 16, 2025

Good Charlatan dives into the world of con artistry, pickpocketing, and real magic. Seidman combines sleight of hand and psychological deception to cheat at cards, pick your pockets, and demonstrate the importance of using our powers for good. At its core, Good Charlatan questions the existence of free will and reimagines how one simple lie can unfold into a spiral of truth.

Malin Nilsson in Magic: Unplugged | April 2 – May 4, 2025

A magic show from the life & imagination of Malin Nilsson, “Malin” is not a short for “Malini.” Max Malini was a famous magician who lived about 100 years ago, and “Malin” is short for Magical Alternative Lavishly Ignoring the Norm.

Joshua Jay in Making Magic | May 7 – June 1, 2025

Joshua Jay brings new and favorite pieces of close-up magic to Pittsburgh for his Liberty Magic debut. Joshua will dazzle with his original blend of sleight-of-hand and storytelling. His show uses objects borrowed from the audience in unusual ways. You will see shadowgraphy, comedy, magic, and an attempt at tying his Guinness World Record for card tricks.


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