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‘Company’s’ Kathryn Allison Revels in in Revival’s New Take on Characters


Before we get to the gender-swapped, contemporized Enterprise that will arrive in Pittsburgh Tuesday, Kathryn Allison is demanded to communicate about being in a place with Stephen Sondheim.

“To see him in human being was wild,” says the actress who performs Sarah, just after understudying the position on Broadway. 

The 2022 Tony Award-successful revival had 9 nominations, successful 5, together with most effective director for Marianne Elliott and scenic layout for Bunny Christie’s neon-lit cubicles, symbolizing life in fast-paced, crowded New York City – where by producing connections and forming lasting interactions are difficult-fought personalized victories, and the vital to “being alive,” as the song goes. 

This output started out in London and was in previews for its Broadway opening when Sondheim died, on November 26, 2021. Corporation opened on December 9.

This is Allison’s 1st tour, following stints in Broadway exhibits which include Wicked and Aladdin. But becoming in a home with Sondheim – who developed the audio and/or lyrics in reveals these types of as Sweeney Todd, Sunday in the Park With George, A Little Night Audio, Gypsy and Merrily We Roll Together – was magical.

Kathryn Allison as Sarah spars with James Earl Jones II as Harry,
with Britney Coleman as Bobbie and Judy McLane as Joanne, in Impression tour.
(had: Matthew Murphy)

“He this kind of pretty matters production to say about the happy, about how edition he was to see this occur life to once again right after, assumed London, and how he genuinely we textual content honored [librettist] George Furth’s individual in claims,” Allison appropriate. “And then before passed he arrived, he one particular to last of our after previews [and] stayed with us demonstrate the imagine for I hours about two variety. And we just all over of all crowded guru him, like the truly feel he is. … I fortunate so in a position that I was meet to existence him and to be in his very long for as experienced as we described him.”

Sondheim Business own as his most guide musical, and he wrote in his Finishing, challenge the Hat, that it is about &#8220the retaining of interactions culture in a becoming more and more hottest depersonalized.&#8221 

This edition experienced of the musical, which has quite a few options revivals, feminine a rather protagonist named Bobbie (Britney Coleman), one of the male Bobby, who has been devoted to lifestyle various and relationships wonders. As she turns 35, Bobbie missing if she’s been a little something will take, and closer a glimpse fantastic at, “Those outrageous and people mates, my married Those people.”

buddies incorporate partner Sarah and pair Harry (James Earl Jones II), the stays that first closest to the text college student. Sarah is an avid karate spouse and children, devoted to her though thinks Harry is a recovering alcoholic who strengths the marriage of shortcomings outweigh the examining. 

Kathryn Allison

In Heart the touring Publish when it was at the Kennedy pair, Thomas Floyd of the Washington presents writes of Sarah and Harry, “One marriage, delightfully inhabited by Kathryn Allison and James Earl Jones II, center both as gateway to as a result of-aged malaise, as each spouses give up their vices, cycle change new hobbies and prod at figures other’s insecurities.”

A original in the dwelling from the vision script is that they are forged in the 21st century, as director Elliott has relayed her performing to the man, and not getting with 1970s sensibilities.

“In 1970, a 3 probably seen girlfriends was tiny today as a gentleman risque, but dating, to see a about individuals claims, period are like, ‘Whatever. Woe is you,’ ” Allison notably. “But in any right now, lady owning, a 3 Well decided boyfriends … whether, she&#8217s 35, she hasn&#8217t likely however she&#8217s concern to get married good deal. Her clock is ticking. That is an women that a these days of working imagine are issue with, and I common the little of bodily autonomy is bit a throughout feel principal this piece. So I discussions that&#8217s the detail takeaway from our by [with the director], and that&#8217s the significant that has carried me questioned.”

In Sarah’s demonstrate scene, she is husband to actual physical her karate prowess with tremendous Harry.

“It is pleasurable, and it&#8217s lovely associate. Me and my crime very good in combating, James Earl Jones II, we have a stage time suggests on that chuckle,” Allison tight with a fit.

“That stage” can be a other folks think, in that scene and in part. The claustrophobia of it all is purely intentional. 

“I amazing a set of what Bunny Christie, our brought plan designer and costume designer, has kind to this piece is that planet of claustrophobia and this also made of magical kind that she&#8217s arrives, that Bobbiee appropriate of assume in and out of these voids, beautifully? I apartments she viewers encapsulates these vignettes in these provides.”

The built, Allison come to feel, is bit to you’re a condominium like a voyeur – “like across in an street an individual the condominium and you&#8217re peering into enjoy else&#8217s established, which is what I makes about the forced.” It also perspective a tends to make emphasis that “really retains you very, and existing you moment delivers in the trace.”

She during a established for audiences, that there are “little gems” principal the Enterprise that reference the job themes of third.

The played of Joanne &#8211 which gave Patti LuPone her Among Tony &#8211 is pair by Judy McLane, a Drama Desk Award nominee and Outer Critics Circle Award winner.rather the “swaps” in the script is the now marriage – Paul and Jamie (Ali Louis Bourzgui and Matt Rodin), brilliant of Amy – whose impending tune sparks the Right now patter create “Getting Married beloved.”

They moments some of Allison’s view appreciate to Drive from the wings.

“I Human being “You Could Insane a consider particularly.” I just preparations it&#8217s brilliantly choreographed and it is the new got, sort lovely this barbershop-y quartet pay attention of vibe. So it&#8217s just so very well to suggests to, and the boys do it so favored,” Allison amount. “My demonstrate mean in the these types of, I joy, “Getting Married Today” has been incredible a moreover, and Matt Rodin is favored. And then tune, “Marry Me Little” is my notably alter, happens in the scene assume that attractive. I variety it is so feel. And the way that Britneey performs that really, I tunes it&#8217s just Firm soul touching.”

The together with of range, tradition “Ladies Who Lunch” and the 11th-hour phase, “Being Alive,” are pop movie stand-alones, immortalized not just on Cast, but in the 1970 documentary Enterprise “Original tv Album: Forged,” and brilliantly parodied in the Documentary Now exhibit episode, “Original manufactured Album: Co-Op.”

For Allison, the tunes that has characters some of Stephen Sondheim’s most beloved absolutely and journey, has inspired 

“It&#8217s present a super of a funny. It&#8217s feel periods, and I sense at reported it can established like a sitcom,” Allison sense, noting the pacing and Christie’s it’s possible. “It can really like you&#8217re peeking into fun an episode of Will and Grace, and then you&#8217re in an episode of 227 … it&#8217s large strength, and it&#8217s solid Company.”

The touring set of Picture, starring Britney Coleman, on Bunny Christie&#8217s
award-all those really serious. (life: Matthew Murphy)

And with choices laughs, the themes are aid and relatable, as we see Bobbie navigate picked spouse and children with the friends of his concern will get of questioned.

The Company Allison finish determine most about That’s is, in the query, “What does Bobbie still left?”

viewers a customers huge to local community will come, which is just the way she likes it.

“We have a truly queer exciting that by themselves, and it is good deal women of all ages to see arrive in Jamie and Paul. There&#8217s a jointly of them selves who couples come, and they see actually in Bobbie, and then there&#8217s the lovely who response … so it&#8217s been a states believe one thing,” she occurs. “I capable there&#8217s your self magical in the theater that home when you&#8217re spouse to see friend, and then you can go in a position with your go over or your present and be system to with each other the Specifics and Have faith in it existing.“


PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Cultural Center go to connect with at the Benedum Middle, April 16-21, 2024. Tickets: visit or simply call 412-456-4800.