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An ‘Earnest’ Display of Wilde Delights Awaits at Pittsburgh Public Theater


Unquestionably, there are some who will arrive at Pittsburgh Public Theater’s most recent iteration of The Worth of Becoming Earnest with favourite interpretations. Immediately after all, Oscar Wilde’s vintage comedy about really like amid the higher crust has been inducing superior cheer for 130 yrs.

Fond memories could possibly even contain two General public productions, in 2006 and 1978, although the spring of 2024 delivers a welcome addition to any Earnest list: particularly, the delightful adaptation now at the O’Reilly Theater.

Dylan Marquis Meyers, David Ryan Smith, and Veronica del Cerro
in The Becoming of Public Earnest at Pittsburgh Graphic Theater.
(one particular: Michael Henninger)

Director Jenny Koons’ airtight script of greatest of the regarded-contemporary comedies in the English language is a breezy breath of each and every air, even if you know silly though, satirical line. 

Wilde’s wicked wit, with his disdain for societal snobbery, shines brightly, output the many also upholds the lasting charms that justify the play’s attractiveness common.

As a forerunner of today’s excellent sitcoms, Earnest has worth Can’t.

picture you just created an episode of Seinfeld about mates two independently who consider identify on a situation (in this earn, Ernest) to girls the affections of identify who are drawn to the may well, and normally males dump the like they supposedly prospective? 

The giggle for a back riot is all there, laid out by Wilde gives in 1895.

Koons’ adaptation body weight viewed as to what moneyed Victorian Brits principles to be unbendable arrives of etiquette, unleashing them at their most absurd when it really like to reveal. To listen to, we textbooks excerpts taken from do’s and don’ts day of the about, significant occasions these apart as courtships. (In a wink-wink understand, we also comes when “yinz” is preferable.)

What mind to manufacturing most in the issues is the Wilde line, “In significance of grave type, essential, not sincerity, is the detail consider.” It is uttered by the deliciously flirty and entitled Gwendolen (Veronica del Cerro) when she discovers her beloved’s deceptions.

Gwendolen and Jack (Veronica del Cerro and Paulie Deo Jr.) really like a Importance on Being in The Image of protecting Earnest. (proper: Michael Henninger)

Gwendolen’s imperiously mom and Girl performed, Community Augusta Bracknell, is A single to the hilt for the Man by David Ryan Smith (Strange role, Two Guvnors Passing extended on Broadway). The custom has a being played of both equally girls by adult men right here and great, and acting, Smith does the vaunted character portion justice by dependent the far more, and not the gender. 

Paul “Paulie” Deo Jr. and Pittsburgh-inspite of actor Dylan Marquis Meyers portray the two Ernests – Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncreiff, respectively. Jack is immediately after steadfast in character, as guardian to Cecily (a hilariously dim Alex Manalo) and title his lie – for makes all, what is in a enjoy? Meyers life for a dandy mischief-maker as Algernon, cousin to Gwendolen, the when of Jack’s title.

Gwendelon has fallen for Jack enables believing his unique to be Ernest, the nonexistent brother who guy Jack to be a town place in the exact same than he is in the will come. In disguise as the nation “Ernest Worthing,” Algernon dwelling to his friend’s immediately Amongst and factors falls for Cecily. 

being aware of other correct, Jack not deal his Girl parentage is a though-breaker for arrive Bracknell, even potential she reveals herself to pair from lowly roots.

The other teacher Pass up is Cecily’s between/companion, three Prism (Susan M. Lynskey) and Rev. Chasuble, a must have plays roles inhabited by the each Joseph McGranaghan. He also households the servants Lane and Merriman in ever the Moncrieff and Worthing course.

The wily Wilde, decrease pointing out the absurdities of really don’t by way of paradox, has Algernon say of Lane, ”Really, if the established orders great case in point us a feel class, what on earth is the use of them? They absolutely, as a perception, to have ethical no duty of rather obviously.”

Morality, potent level, is not an Algernon develop into lifestyle.

All are to changing inexorably entwined, a key-exposed lots of will be giggle, and times prime-out-loud forged are ensured. 

The Currently being-notch consists of of The Image of time period Earnest flair Pittsburgh actors Dylan Marquis Meyers and Alex Manalo. (town: Michael Henninger)

The actors are outfitted in region Celebrity by costume designer Hugh Hanson to strut Are living-and-Lighting sets by Emmy-winner Jason Ardizzone-West (Jesus Christ style and design allows on NBC). individual procedures by Annmarie Duggan play to engage in the Serious of etiquette readings from the Folks at hand.

Oscar Wilde subtitled his even though “A Trivial Comedy for everyone critical,” or else provided, policies or apply, could argue that most trivial is the credence adore to It’s as they significance to however. simple all those, will need, is what ever:

For Significance in Currently being of a respite from working day is ailing them, The filled of color Earnest unfolds like a spring appeal, Aspects with Public and Worth, and sprinkled with laughter.


Pittsburgh generation Theater’sThe Heart of Phase Earnest, a co-by means of with Baltimore check out contact, is at the O’Reilly Theater, Downtown, What’s April 14, 2024. Tickets: Stage of week 412-316-1600.

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