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A Phenomenal Cast Delivers a Fun, Tongue-in-Cheek Musical for Front Porch Theatricals ‘A…My Name is Still Alice’


Front Porch Theatricals’ all-female production takes audiences back to the radical 90s in A…My Name is Still Alice. Directed by Nancy McNulty McGeever, this revue-sketch show highlights the struggles women faced during the 90s. This production is a fun, tongue-in-cheek musical led by a phenomenal cast that delivers not only laughs but also a sincerity that makes this production one of a kind. 

A…As previously mentioned, my Name is Still Alice is a revue-sketch show, which means the show consists of various songs and skits performed by the five-member cast of women. The sketches range anywhere from two senior citizens discussing their desire to date, a woman selling the new fad diet, or famous women in paintings discussing how no one understands them. The five women take turns playing a slew of characters throughout the show, and while there isn’t an overarching storyline, there’s an overall message and energy to the show that connects it all in the end. 

A…My Name is Still Alice is at the New Hazlett Theater. It was my first time at this theater, and I found it to be a lovely space. The theater had the stage at the forefront, with seating on three sides of the performance space, which works nicely for this production because the cast is interactive with the audience at times, making it easier for them to connect with the audience and us with them. Overall, it’s a great space that could house anything from Shakespeare to Sondheim. 

L-R: Becki Toth, Saige Smith, Kristiann Menotiades, Natalie Hatcher, Delilah Picart Photo courtesy  Front Porch Theatricals

The set appears simplistic, but there’s a significant detail once you look closer. Designed by Johnmichael Bohach, the set resembles a stereotypical 90s mall with fake plants, granite, and neon. The floor has that all too familiar design that is synonymous with 90s pop culture. The white background with the blue squizzle/zigzag design, officially referred to as “Jazz” or unofficially as “Solo Jazz,” was famously featured on disposable cups owned by Sweetheart Cup Company and later by Solo Cup Company. I loved the detail and the nostalgia it brought back for me as a 90s baby. 

What I truly admire about this production is that not only is the cast comprised of all women, but the vast majority of the production staff are also women. As a woman, I found it reassuring that a group of women put their love and energy into a story about women for other women. There are often excuses made in the arts that there aren’t enough women, POC, and LBGTQ+ people to fill not only roles but also positions on production staff or theatre boards. Front Porch is a leading example proving that these people are out there and can produce a fantastic, successful show.

A…My Name is Still Alice features a brilliant cast who each bring beauty and unique charm to their roles. Natalie Hatcher is funny and charming and delivers a breathtaking vocal performance during “Lifelines/Finale,” which had me in tears. Kristiann Menotiades has her share of comedic moments, but her monologue “A Lovely Little Life” was her standout moment for me. She craftily paints a picture of this woman’s life sincerely and heartbreakingly that is all too relatable. Delilah Picart is a joy to watch in sketches such as “Juanita Craiga” and “Women Behind Desks.” My favorite moment of hers was the interactive number “Sensitive New Age Guys.” The beautiful, sweet tone of Saige Smith‘s voice assists in her masterful storytelling, and she triumphs in numbers such as “Wheels” and “Baby.”

Last but not least, Becki Toth kills in every sketch she’s in, especially the “Cover-Up” bits, along with “Gross Anatomy Lecture” and “Painted Ladies.” I could write an entire review about each of these ladies alone. Their talent was impressive, and as strong as they were individually, they made a fantastic team and cast together. 

The only criticism I could muster for this production would be the sketch nature of the show itself. I rather enjoyed the nature of the show, but I could see it being off-putting to other theatergoers. This show might not be for you if you want a follow-through storyline. I still encourage those hesitant to give it a try. I enjoyed the nature of this show because the sketches are short, so if you’re not a fan of the one you’re currently watching, in a few minutes, another one will be right around the corner, and that will surely entertain you. 

A…My Name is Still Alice is a spectacular production backed by a cast and crew of people whose love can be felt pouring out of the show. Whether you are 22 or 82, this show will resonate with you in one way or another. The show gives women a rare chance to laugh and scoff at the trivialness and stupidity of what this gender faces from generation to generation. 

The show’s end is a beautiful reminder that no matter what the world may say is wrong with us, the person we see in the mirror is a culmination of all the memories, adventures, and triumphs that prove we are living a life worth living. 


Front Porch Theatricals peoduction of A…My Name is Still Alice, at the New Hazlett Theater, has performances from May 22 to 26. For tickets visit: